Subject Area


Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and Environment, Ground Vehicle Systems, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Energy Systems, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Design, System Dynamics, Transportation Systems

Computer Science & Engineering

Databases and Data Streaming, Mobile/Wireless, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Embedded Computing, Security, Compilers and Programming Languages, Natural Language Processing, Theoretical Computer Science, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Internet and Web Technologies etc.

Electronics & Telecommunication

Control Systems, Network Engineering, electromagnetics, Electronic Materials and Devices, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines etc.

Electrical Engineering

Control Systems, Network Engineering, Electromagnetics, Electronic Materials and Devices, Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Electrical Drives.

Applied Sciences

Mathematics, Statistics, Bussiness, Economics, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Energy Resources & Research etc.
NOTE: We accept Managment & Medical Science Research Papers also